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Our Repeaters

Ve4ssr Swan River 146.940

Ve4bmr Baldy Mtn. 147.030

Ve4bvr Russell 147.240

Ve4shr Ashern 146.700

Ve4ldr Lundar 146.970

Ve4bas Basswood 145.150
Tone 127.3








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Dots And Dashes

Mts done a big upgrade at the Baldy Mountain repeater site, They have installed a back up diesel generator, This will eliminate the battery backup for our repeater. Real bonus for the Club.


Ve4ke at Spearhill Repeater Site

Spearhill Repeater site was hit with a lightning strike this past summer
taking out the repeater and link radio, Marven, ve4ke replaced
the repeater and repaired the linking radio to get the system back
up and working. This is the first strike in the last 30 years
the repeater has been in service.


Manitoba Cell Phone Ban

With the Province getting ready to announce the date that this law will start to be enforced, you should be ready if you are stopped by police for using your Ham radio..

Firstly note.. You are not exempt by this law. You must abide by it. Where you are exempt is when you use your radio. I would also suggest that you have a copy of your radio communications certificate with you in the vehicle..

Do not argue with the police officer that is giving you the ticket. Simply point this out to him/her and let the chips fall where they may. Your chance to fight will be in court, not with the officer..






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